Hi Mike,

We saw your call for help on Facebook and Twitter the other day, asking your followers for a good networking app. You asked for ones that had “matchmaking, social, notifications, agenda, [and] audience Q&A.” We noticed a couple of them that you already mentioned, like DoubleDutch, Grip.Events and Bizzabo. Here’s a handy chart comparing us to them:

Social features
Push Notifications
Event Agenda
Audience Q&A

Really, our core is that we have a unique algorithm that matches people at events based on mutual interests. Rather than just giving a general listing or sorting through names yourself, we do the sorting for you and find people you’ll actually want to talk to.

We’re relatively new on the scene, having debuted last year at Web Summit 2016. Since our launch, we have done hundreds of events all over the world and we have much more to come!

Let us know if you have any other questions or if we could help you out with an event!


The Sphere Team

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