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The unique algorithm

Behind every suggestion are 300 calculations

Illustration of our unique algorithm
  1. first step

    Simple activation via


    No registration

  2. second step

    Personalized suggestions

    Learning from your preferences

  3. third step

    Right/left gesture called Swipe

  4. fourth step

    Selective Filters

    Easily refine your search

Our application has been awarded:

UCIrvine (California)
Concours Lépine
Gold Medal
Best Solution 2017
European Council 2017

The app in your image


All your information in one page

Question & Answer

Live Q&A between speakers and guests


Live Streaming

Your Sphere's screenshot

Notifications to guests in real time and/or pre-scheduled


Live Tweet with your #


Tickets - registration for your event

Our exclusive services

No choices to make, everything is included

Before the event

After the event

Before the event

Email service

  • personalized invitations

    Personalized invitations

  • reminder emails

    Targeted reminders

Averages observed from the last 50 events


Emails opened


Apps downloaded

After the event

Statistics from the event

  • new relations

    Number of connections

  • chart

    Allocation of your guests (Facebook – LinkedIn)

  • messages

    Number of messages exchanged

Personalized report for guests

personalized report

Each connection on the app is presented in the report email

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