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Our Mission

We strive to design customized apps where you can connect with others going to the same event as you. The best part is that you can chat with them without ever having to provide any personal information, ensuring a safe and confidential place to start a conversation!

How the Product Works

How the Product Works

Unique algorithm to help match you to others that fit your preferences.
Easy swipe feature to quickly browse through profiles.
Live tweet to let other participants know how the event is going.
Keep in touch after events via LinkedIn.
Chat with other event participants without having to give/use personal social media accounts.
All the info you need in one place.
Receive notifications about event and live updates about the event schedule.

Some of Our Proudest Projects

A few testimonials

For the first time ever, we use a technology to connect our guests at CES Unveiled. It worked so well that we decided to reuse it for the next editions.
Gary Shapiro
Sphere nous a permis de repenser la grande distribution en touchant de nouveaux clients grâce à l’app Galeries Lafayette Music
Philippe Houzé
Galeries Lafayette
We had an internal app created for our meet ups/intern event and had +80% in engagement and attendees for each event.
Danny Kaplan
Google (SF)

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